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Solve major aspects of your life including money, career and happiness by just "Finding Your Soulmate"

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Success Story

Rahul Sharma

~Financial Consultant ,
Mumbai, Maharashtra

“My journey with this program started when I felt stuck in my career and personal life. My relationship was on the rocks, and I was desperate for change. The partner manifestation workshop was a game-changer for me. The techniques taught were not just about attracting love but also about transforming every aspect of life. Fast forward a few weeks, and I’ve not only rekindled the flame in my relationship but also landed my dream job. The program truly works wonders!”


Here Are The 3 Major Secrets From
"90 minutes Live Masterclass"

Secret # 1


Providing participants with clear understanding and vision regarding their goals and desires.

Secret # 2


Guiding individuals to tap into their consciousness and explore their inner thoughts and beliefs, helping them align with their desires.

Secret # 3


Offering supportive guidance and counseling to assist individuals in navigating their journey towards manifestation effectively.

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My Question To You is 🫵

Do You Believe: You're Alone, Because Of Your Looks, Money Or Status...

What if I tell You its "Not the Truth"

And that’s exactly what I am going to solve in my
“ Live Masterclass”

Success Story

Sneha Gupta

~Software Developer ,
Bengaluru Karnataka

I was looking forward to marriage but didn’t have any idea how to get someone in my life who was perfectly made for me. In fact, choosing the right partner to do such miracles was a completely unknown fact to me. I’m so glad and thankful to God and the PWC team for the program. manifested not only my partner, but it feels like I have opened the doors to happiness. I got promoted in my office within 45 days of my engagement. It worked like a miracle in my life


What You Will Learn in this Masterclass?

Manifest a deep and perfect relationship with your soulmate

Gain clarity about your soulmate and the kind of relationship you want

Get rid of negative limiting beliefs around love

Deepen self-love and know your self-worth

Release fear around love and let go of past relationship baggage

Attract abundance of health, money, and success

Take full control over your love life and align your frequency with your soulmate

Connect with like-minded people who share your desire of manifesting one’s soulmate

Here Are The Questions You Can Answer Using
Your Numerology Skills!

Imagine being able to answer these important life questions just by looking at their numbers & analyzing them with your Numerology Skills!

How This Masterclass will help you?

We will guide you through entering the Alpha state and accessing the subconscious mind with professional guidance.

In the Alpha state, you become more receptive to the ideas presented. Therefore, we will guide you to eradicate mental blocks from the core and overcome internal resistance.

Then, we will help you install empowering thoughts aligned with unconditional love and limitless possibilities.

Your mind has the power to shape reality. When we help you visualize images and feel emotions, your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between reality and imagination. It automatically assumes you are experiencing those images in the present moment.









And much, much more…!

Before & After The Masterclass



Meet Your Trainer

Shailesh Rao
– Serial Entrepreneur

Certified Hypnotherapist & Relationship Coach

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Is A Certified Hypnotherapist & Menifestation Coach In Addition To Being A Serial Entrepreneur He Has His Expertise In The Field Of Relationship Coaching, Inner Child Healing, Pain Management & Financial Success.

He Was Honored As The “Most Promising Entrepreneur Of 2022” Recognizing His Impactful Contributions To The Startup Ecosystem. His Ventures Have Not Only Achieved Significant Success But Have Also Garnered Global Recognition For Their Innovation. Pre Wedding Club, His Brainchild, Stands As A Beacon Of Hope For Those Seeking Guidance In Matters Of The Heart

He Envisions Pre Wedding Club As A Platform For Personal And Relational Growth, Redefining Societal Perceptions Of Relationships. His Mission Is To Offer Practical Solutions With Help Of Scientific Proven Hypnotherapy Method And Unwavering Support For Lasting Happiness And Fulfillment With Innovative Techniques And Compassionate Guidance, They Guide Individuals Towards Meaningful Connections And Abundance

“My mission is to empower 100000 Women live a life of Significance and guide them to be Self-Reliant and Financially, Mentally and Emotionally Independent!”

Success Story

Aisha Verma

~Professional Writer ,
Kolkata West Bengal


“As a career-focused individual, my personal life took a back seat. Loneliness started creeping in, and I knew I needed a change. This partner manifestation program not only brought love into my life but also helped me strike a balance between my career and personal relationships. Today, I’m happily in a relationship, and my career is flourishing. It’s not just about finding a partner; it’s about creating a harmonious life, and this program delivered beyond my expectations”

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🎁Bonus #1: Recording of the 3 Days Workshop

You’ll get the access to the recordings of the whole 3 days live workshop so you will never miss important points and learn at a faster pace.

Priced: ₹ 3000/-

🎁Bonus #2:Notes + PDF from the Workshop

You will get important notes and all the PDFs you need so you can implement each and everything that has been taught in the workshop.

Priced: ₹ 3000/-

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a 90 minute workshop to be held on June 19th, Wednesday from 8:30 PM IST onwards.

This program is designed for individuals seeking personal transformation, empowerment, and manifestation of their dreams. It is suitable for anyone looking to overcome limiting beliefs, improve relationships, enhance wealth, health, and overall well-being.

There are no specific prerequisites for joining the program. It is open to anyone willing to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Participants only need an open mind and a willingness to commit to the process.

Basically the program is about understanding the dynamics of Mind. We run different Holistic ,scientific and result oriented programs for different needs of human life including Money ,Career growth, Health, in different stages of couple relationship.

In this particular program the coach will reveal how you could overcome any limitations and bring abundance in your life but focus would be on soulmate manifestation.

Manifestation is basically all about self help. In any other class you would only learn techniques which you need to implement on your own. Basically it teaches you to change your thought patterns. Practically it is very difficult and as a matter of fact obviously 80℅ people don’t get results. This masterclass is not only for teaching theory , the coach being the expert of Mind programming will teach you the difference and will practically reprogram your mind on certain aspects.

Yes. In fact, you don’t need to have any prior knowledge to take this program. I will teach you everything you need to know in a super straightforward way. All you need to do is to stay open and commit to your manifestation routine.

It’s a live workshop. No recordings will be provided.

Manifestation Masterclass