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We help you transform your marriage into a lifelong honeymoon full of abundance of


You will learn, how to re-align your body to make yourself healthy. The key is to know, how your body really functions and how to practice good habits to maintain your health lifelong.


Its all about changing your awareness about the money and the financial abundance. You will learn the methods for attaining all the money you desire because money is not only about freedom, its about expansion and creativity as well.


You will get to know the new understanding of love. You will understand how relationship works in the context of physical reality and the importance of relationships in your life.You will learn why certain people brings you great joy and why others cause you disdain.

What You Get

Skills and tools to  find the right partner & discover your soulmate

Key  to develop stronger bond and improved communication for perfect relationship

Steps to build life & relationship with fresh passion, love & wisdom

Ways to revolutionize your intimacy, turning up the heat and have fun together

Path to create an everlasting, positive & meaningful relationship

Before and after marriage strategies for creating a happy & beautiful married life

How we do it

Developing Correct Mindset

The very first thing we do in our program is making clients believe in transformation through the respective program.

Its said seeing is believing and we make them see it. Unless they are confident enough , we don’t take them to the next level.

We don’t believe in the common say” promises are made to be Broken”.  We promise results and empower them to achieve results. The results can be achieved only and only when u have positive mindset and positivity only comes through results. Basically it’s a loop ,So we give them results again put back into mechanism and then they get great and desired results.

Targeting Holistic Approach

We directly don’t work on the wants of our customers, we work on their needs and eventually help them to achieve their wants.

Usually achieving wants without working on their needs gives a short term results to clients which remains temporary.  We work on de cluttering their emotional setbacks ,and then build strong foundation for future relationship. We offer customized solutions to different needs of customers. We do have a strong team of coaches and mentors who have been working from long time to make it possible for clients

Hand-Holding from the very start

Pre wedding club offers life transforming programs in all stages of married life but we recommend people to be a part of this revolution from the moment u decide to make a choice about your life partner.

People get life partners from matrimonial sites but we make them understand that getting married to someone could be a journey of uncertainty and choosing blind roads is never ever going to be a good idea.  We could take great decisions only when we are enlightened.  Lets make this a luck by chance a curated decision and attract abundance in life.

Customer Reviews

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My marriage was arranged but my courtship period was awesome and we felt in love with each other during that time. Its just been the six months and I started facing misunderstanding problem with my spouse. We both are having anger issues and somehow every discussion of our leads to an argument which was snatching peace from both of our married lives. Pre Wedding Club offered a prog and appeared as a rescuer in my life. It helped me very much to tackle the situations and now it seems we are again back on the track.


Home Maker, Pune

I was in a search of life partner since 2 years. Nothing was working, finally I was completely dependent on matrimonial sites but unfortunately I wasn't getting the positive response from anyone. Pre Wedding Club completely changed my outlook towards a perfect partner search


Self-Employed, Indore

Program - The Calling is really helpful. It changed my perspective completely. I am lucky to understand that i was making the wrong choices which could have invited lots of problem in future. Thanks to Pre Wedding ClubMy wife was facing issues with my parents and I was really not understanding how to bring the balance between them. Pre Wedding Club helped me a lot to change the air inside my home. Im extremely happy today and highly recommend this program to those couple who are facing difficult to deal with each other.

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Software Professional, Bengaluru

I wasn't knowing that finding dream partner could be so easy. The calling worked for me and I'm sure it will work for everyone. Well crafted programs for singles who are really serious about marriage. Kudos to the mentors of Pre Wedding Club.


Pharmacist, Mumbai

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Pre Wedding Club is a unique platform which caters different need at different stages of marriage and bring solutions of all under one Hood.


Most frequent questions and answers

Please be assured our services are designed to provide utmost satisfaction to our customers. Many individuals/couples have taken our service and they went immensely happy

A relationship poses over two pillars and it is those pillars that decide how strong the relationship uphold. Many couples do not consider the stress and certain misunderstanding that can be potential in causing future disputes. We help you develop that mindset but for maximum results and a happy married life, it is important to have healthy participation of both partners.

Programs like this serve a greater purpose and are incomparable to any other certification.