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About Us

Pre-Wedding Club  is your Pre-Wedding partner. We are a Consulting and Social Networking Platform.

Through our deep research, expertise and constant working with engaged and pre-wedded couples, we commenced that relationships are ethereal and bound to change dramatically after marriage. Research across the world has proved that the success of Marriage and happiness related to it significantly increases if a couple under goes a pre wedding counseling.
Our programs guides you in cultivating meaningful healthy relationships, overcoming relationship challenges and building a successful marriage.

Discover Your Soulmate

Right from finding your right partner, we guide you in each and every step so that you make the most out of it and your relationship is as strong and beautiful as Romeo and Juliet. before stepping into life’s most important bond called Marriage, we at Pre-Wedding Club help couples to discover ways to 3 most important aspects

Understanding the Marriage Fundamentals

Understanding Partner Expectations

Understanding Recipe to Minimize Disputes in Relationshiip


The Marriage Calling

We do hand holding right from the beginning and lay the foundation by helping individuals to become the “Most Eligible Bachelor”. We named it “The Marriage Calling"


Destined Souls

Highly appreciated, renowned, successful and our signature  program based on our ideology for newly engaged/committed/live-in couples  which is now proven to be mantra for successful Marriage

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Honeymoon Yoga

Couples who missed to participate in our Pre-Wedding coaching and finding initial years of marriage difficult. Our Program Honeymoon yoga is a customize program for their special needs

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Alba - The Sunrise

Second chance is always considered to be the Gods Grace. We also help couples who are divorced/widow to overcome their issues related to second marriage through our program “Alba”- The sunrise

The Man Behind The Initiative

I’m on a mission to create a robust foundation for marriages in India and internationally. When I heard it for the first time that a place where marriage is considered so sacred is now experiencing an increased number of divorces, it shook me completely from inside. It was time to bring the change and that is when my venture began. After years of research and deep learning, I found that there is a huge gap in relationships and that gap can only be filled with awareness. Our services provide you with what is needed to fortify your relationship. Experience the club benefits exclusively designed for modern-day couples and enjoy the new dimension of networking, shopping & entertainment.

Shailesh Rao

CEO & Co-Founder,

Our team

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Board Member & Advisory

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CTO & Co-Founder